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LD and general damage enforcement

Counterpart: Large International Contractor

Project Owner: International EPC

End customer: National Oil Company

Contract size: 1.6 USD Million

Project details: Offshore module fabrication

Dispute: Application of liquidated damages and claim for general damage


Topic: Enforcement of LDs against late supplier plus claim for general damage caused by lost free issue material and failing to complete works. Delay analysis, quantum preparation, analysis of and refute counterclaims.

Development of Contracts and Claims management training

Client: Large International Contractor

Project details: Development of training program related to Contracts and Claims management including certification path and best practice tools


Topics: Development of online training platform, development of training documentation and content, synchronization of training syllabus with external certification authorization, development of claims management database, processes, and tools, international roll-out within 9 month.


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Implementation of Variation Order Management

Client: Large International EPC

End customer: National Oil Company

Contract size: USD 550 Million

Project details: Electrification for LNG Terminal


Topics: Implementing best practice variation order management system.

Main target: Early detection of variations, proper substantiation, contractually conform notification, final negotiation training.

Outcome: Training with project stakeholders including engineering, project management, procurement, and execution. Implementation of processes and a central variation order tool.

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Claims and Change Order Management for FPSO Modules

Client: Large international EPC

End customer: International oil company

Contract size: 105 Million USD

Project details: Delivery of FPSO modules

Dispute: Liquidated Damages defense and enforcement

Claims size: 18,500,000 USD


Topics: Cost and schedule overrun due to delays caused by the end customer. Enforcement of LDs towards fabrication contractor. Claims and Change Order management.

Main target: Prepare claim for extension of time, defend against incoming EOT claim, preparation of outgoing VORs, analysis of incoming VORs, defense against sub-contractor claims

Outcome: Defense against 4.7 Million LD claim, reduction of incoming claims amount of 34%, defense against EOT claim, application of LD on delayed sub-contractors

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