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Tendering of large EPC Projects

Client: Large International Oil and Gas Company

Contract size: Two projects each around 40 Million Euro

Project details: My tasks here were related to the tendering of two refinery EPC projects


Topics: Developing tendering strategy, pre-qualify potential bidders, create tender documents including contracts, harmonizing scope, tender, negotiate, award.

Main target: Evaluation of the most economical solution and award to the best bidder with key focus on HSE, quality and delivery time.

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EPC/EPCm Contracting Strategy

Client: Large International Oil and Gas Company

Contract size: Several hundred Million Euro

Project details: Developing strategy to handle future projects with EPC/EPCm contracts instead of time and material. The strategy change was initiated in order to reduce cost and risk while increasing financial planning accuracy.


Topics: Selection of appropriate contractors, pre-qualification, developing EPC/EPCm contracting strategy in close connection with PM and business team.

Main target: A strategy to award future projects on EPC/EPCm basis instead of a historically grown „time and material“ basis in order to achieve better cost planning accuracy and reduce risks.

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Development of Contracts and Claims management training

Client: Large International Contractor

Project details: Development of training program related to Contracts and Claims management including certification path and best practice tools


Topics: Development of online training platform, development of training documentation and content, synchronization of training syllabus with external certification authorization, development of claims management database, processes, and tools, international roll-out within 9 month.


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Implementation of Variation Order Management

Client: Large International EPC

End customer: National Oil Company

Contract size: USD 550 Million

Project details: Electrification for LNG Terminal


Topics: Implementing best practice variation order management system.

Main target: Early detection of variations, proper substantiation, contractually conform notification, final negotiation training.

Outcome: Training with project stakeholders including engineering, project management, procurement, and execution. Implementation of processes and a central variation order tool.

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