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When preparing or negotiating a contract parties tend to neglect the importance of proper dispute resolution provisions. And even when such provisions are included in contracts, specially contractors tend to realize the importance and the risk of it. Understanding the very principles of international contract law has become and important skill in energy and oil-gas projects.


After the project is handed over to the execution team the outcome is often that contracts are not properly implemented, are not harmonized, condition precedence is not complied with, contemporary project records are lacking, and disputes with clients and sub-contractors are arising.


I support my clients in the following areas:

  • Contract analysis

  • Contract harmonization

  • Variation and change control

  • Risk analysis, qualitative and quantitative

  • Contract drafting support

  • Tender strategy evaluation

  • Bid management

  • Dispute avoidance

  • Litigation and arbitration assistance

  • Alternative dispute resolution, mediation services

  • Dispute review boards

  • Acting as expert witness